Hikers walking down a mountain side under the blazing sun.

Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

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Exercising outdoors provides lots of great benefits.  Heading into the great outdoors in some parts of the world, especially here in the UK, can be difficult – but a bit of rain never hurt anyone, right?

Let’s consider some reasons to embrace the great outdoors:

  1. It doesn’t cost anything!  Everybody has a right to exercise outdoors, which means no costly membership or expensive equipment is required.
  2. Heading to the local park, larger national parks or other natural environments will provide you with cleaner air.
  3. The outdoor environment offers a welcome distraction when working at higher intensities.
  4. Exercising outdoors has been found to improve mental wellbeing by inducing high levels of positive engagement, revitalisation, tranquillity and satisfaction with the activity being performed – compared to indoor.
  5. Outdoor exercise has been suggested to reduce tension, stress and depression.

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