Athlete cheering with arm in air after winning.

Elite athletes are amongst the fittest living beings on the planet.  They are finely tuned, exquisitely conditioned and mentally robust individuals who consistently achieve high standards of fitness. We can admire them, we can want to look like them, and we may even try to act like them, but we can benefit most from thinking…(Read More)

Athlete performing deadlift exercise with barbell in the gym.

Deadlifting Benefits for Men and Women are plenty, but for many fitness enthusiasts and athletes the deadlift exercise is often a forgotten and neglected exercise. Perhaps this is down to fear and uncertainty of performing a technical exercise or maybe it is simply a lack of understanding just how fundamental this movement can be to…(Read More)

Female personal trainer overlooking the gym with Personal trainer t-shirt on.

Investing in the services of a personal trainer may have crossed your mind if you are committed or seriously considering making a commitment towards improving your health and fitness. Many questions are likely to come to mind, mainly whether it will be worth the prices involved per session or if they can offer something you…(Read More)

Two beer bottles held up in the air under a sunset.

Alcohol is one of the biggest drug problems we face today, but it is culturally acceptable for many and deeply fixated within societies – so i guess it is ok, right?  Well, not if you value your physical and mental health or exercise progression and performance. Excessive drinking, binge drinking, weekend sessions – many of…(Read More)

Boiled eggs cut into slices and laid out in a row on a table.

Faster Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas

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Eating strategies applied at breakfast time can have a big impact when it comes to achieving long term fat loss. For many people, starting with a poor or unhealthy breakfast can ripple across the rest of the day, leading every food choice to be a poor or unhealthy one. Conversely, if we start off positive…(Read More)

Hikers walking down a mountain side under the blazing sun.

Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

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Exercising outdoors provides lots of great benefits.  Heading into the great outdoors in some parts of the world, especially here in the UK, can be difficult – but a bit of rain never hurt anyone, right? Let’s consider some reasons to embrace the great outdoors: It doesn’t cost anything!  Everybody has a right to…(Read More)

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