Man wearing blue sports top performing press ups outside on the grass.

A rapid weight loss workout for all you outdoor warriors.  Those of you that love nothing more than to head to your local park / green space to workout or often need to escape the four walls of the gym once or twice a week – this workout will help you do just that. Strapped for time…(Read More)

Mountain bike resting upon a single tree.

I just got back from a long ride out on the bike. It was one of those days and fitness sessions when you quickly realise things are not going to go your way. I’m sure you have experienced the feeling yourself, when your body just doesn’t respond the way you would like it…(Read More)

Homemade pizza with spinach, broccoli and peppers.

Homemade Power Pizza Recipe

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Pizza is a very popular dish all around the world.  It looks great, smells amazing and tastes awesome! But let’s not get too carried away, because there is a huge problem i’m sure we are all well aware of – it’s often very unhealthy and crushes any chance of maintaining and losing body…(Read More)

Bowl of chicken and spinach with green pesto.

This pesto chicken and baby spinach salad recipe is really simple, yet it bursts with flavour and satisfaction. It makes a great lunch as the warmer months approach but can be a great addition to any fat loss program at any time of the year. It packs a great nutritional punch also, spinach is high…(Read More)

Man holding jar but not strong enough to open a jar of pickles

Gym time is almost always considered precious.  It is a time when we can escape the stresses of the day and make improvements to the way we look and feel, which helps to boost our confidence and happiness. Unfortunately we can get complacent and may begin to sabotage our own efforts without even realising it…(Read More)

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