Man holding painful knee with both hands.

There’s nothing worse than getting injured during a training program or exercise session, especially when much preparation and planning has gone into getting started and you feel you are doing really well and making quality health and fitness gains. I guess we can all benefit from developing an increased awareness of the many risk…(Read More)

85% Dark Chocolate pieces lying upon a wooden surface.

The health benefits of dark chocolate are more abundant than you might realise. Although chocolate is not something we would associate with weight loss, fitness or health. This is partly the reason that despite most of us having a great affinity towards chocolate, it is often one of the first foods we eliminate when aiming…(Read More)

Sports water bottle containing recovery drink.

Athletes, coaches and sport scientists have had an understanding of electrolytes for decades.  They know what they are, what they do and why we need them.  However, a recent surge in the marketing of specially made sports drinks, waters, tablets and teas has ensured the term ‘electrolyte’ has become increasingly visible to everyone. Regardless of…(Read More)

Woman holding sore back muscles.

You have likely experienced the evil of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) several times before.  It is the intense feeling of pain in certain used muscles around your body after a hard workout. It becomes most noticeable 2 – 3 days later when getting out of bed is suddenly a painful challenge, showering becomes a nightmare…(Read More)

Man drinking a recovery shake after a workout.

Post workout nutrition recovery is vitally important to fitness and health progression, but you probably already knew that.  It is spoken of time and time again by fitness professionals, people down the gym, our friends who like to research all things fitness and perhaps the well informed team mate if you play sports. Post workout…(Read More)

Tapas style food from china being eaten with chop sticks.

12 Top Tips when Dining Out

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Simply sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult enough for lots of people, but when we step away from the home it can become even more challenging with so much temptation all around us. Dining out in restaurants can play a big part in our social lives i.e. going on dates, attending birthday…(Read More)

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