Sports supplements including whey protein and amino capsules.

Do We Really Need Sports Dietary Supplements?

Published by SteBacon on 16/03/2012

This is a topic that often stirs up one heck of a debate amongst fitness enthusiasts and professionals. One side of the argument will make strong claims that we can obtain all the necessary nutrition from food, and the opposite…

Man wearing pink top running alongside a rock wall.

How to Build a Strong, Fit and Lean Body Like an Athlete

Published by SteBacon on 07/03/2012

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are always looking for new and correct ways to build a strong, fit and lean body. The health and fitness industry is big business and there is lots of useful and creditable information available to help…

Slim woman with tape measure wrapped around waist and wearing blue jeans.

4 Safe Ways to Lose Body Fat Fast

Published by SteBacon on 29/02/2012

There’s no doubt everyone would like to lose unwanted body fat as quickly as it can be acquired. Unfortunately, nature did not make it that simple for us. The weight loss industry is huge and there are thousands of…

Man bench pressing with female training partner spotting him.

3 Common Bench Press Mistakes to Avoid

Published by SteBacon on 25/02/2012

The bench press is an upper body exercise that allows us to lift the most weight and build large amounts of strength and condition. Despite this, mistakes are very common and it is the exercise that can cause the most…

Flaxseed in a bowl alongside flaxseed oil in a jug.

Flaxseeds Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Benefits

Published by SteBacon on 15/02/2012

Flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, are considered to be one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. It has been around for thousands of years to add fibre, fats and protein to diets when these nutrients were unavailable…

Man carrying bike up a hill.

How to Overcome Common Exercise Excuses

Published by SteBacon on 12/02/2012

If you are considering taking up a new exercise routine or returning to exercise after some time out you may find that some common exercise excuses present themselves. Getting started can be a challenge, and depending which excuse fits best…

Athlete cheering with arm in air after winning.

Exploring the Mindset of an Elite Athlete: What Can We Learn?

Published by SteBacon on 01/02/2012

Elite athletes are amongst the fittest living beings on the planet.  They are finely tuned, exquisitely conditioned and mentally robust individuals who consistently achieve high standards of fitness. We can admire them, we can want to look like them, and…

Athlete performing deadlift exercise with barbell in the gym.

Deadlifting Benefits for Men and Women

Published by SteBacon on 22/01/2012

Deadlifting Benefits for Men and Women are plenty, but for many fitness enthusiasts and athletes the deadlift exercise is often a forgotten and neglected exercise. Perhaps this is down to fear and uncertainty of performing a technical exercise or maybe…

Female personal trainer overlooking the gym with Personal trainer t-shirt on.

8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Published by SteBacon on 17/01/2012

Investing in the services of a personal trainer may have crossed your mind if you are committed or seriously considering making a commitment towards improving your health and fitness. Many questions are likely to come to mind, mainly whether it…

Two beer bottles held up in the air under a sunset.

The Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss and Exercise Performance

Published by SteBacon on 16/12/2011

Alcohol is one of the biggest drug problems we face today, but it is culturally acceptable for many and deeply fixated within societies – so i guess it is ok, right?  Well, not if you value your physical and mental…

Boiled eggs cut into slices and laid out in a row on a table.

Faster Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas

Published by SteBacon on 15/12/2011

Eating strategies applied at breakfast time can have a big impact when it comes to achieving long term fat loss. For many people, starting with a poor or unhealthy breakfast can ripple across the rest of the day, leading every…

Hikers walking down a mountain side under the blazing sun.

Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Published by SteBacon on 04/12/2011

Exercising outdoors provides lots of great benefits.  Heading into the great outdoors in some parts of the world, especially here in the UK, can be difficult – but a bit of rain never hurt anyone, right? Let’s consider some reasons…

Suspended body weight exercise straps hanging from a tree in the park.

Top 5 Benefits of Suspended Bodyweight Training

Published by SteBacon on 02/12/2011

Suspended body weight exercise offers a fresh method of fitness training. It can lead to exciting body composition and fitness results for people of all abilities. It allows us to implement our own body weight to enhance fat loss and…

Woman silhouette full of energy jumping in the air with a purple sky behind her.

5 Best ways to Quickly Boost Energy Levels

Published by SteBacon on 28/11/2011

Possessing low energy levels is arguably your biggest barrier to achieving health and fitness.  Without it we can pretty much forget about being motivated to get up and do anything productive. There are certain things you can do that can…

Table top holding a cup of tea, banana, orange, tape measure and a weight loss diary.

6 Top Tips to Boost Metabolism and Weight Loss

Published by SteBacon on 21/11/2011

Your metabolism represents the physical and chemical processes in the body that maintain life. These processes involve creating and consuming energy, breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to provide the energy needed by your body for maintenance and repair. Metabolic…