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Nutrition Test: Do You Get Enough Nutrients Each Day?

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You require over 40 nutrients each day to ensure you remain fit and healthy.  The best way to get these nutrients is to eat a wide range of foods.  Variety in your diet is fundamental for optimal health, well-being and exercise performance.

Quick Nutrition Test

Grab some paper and a pen then write down everything you ate yesterday.

List all the different foods you included with each meal (all the ingredients in each meals recipe).  For example, if you had a tuna pasta dish you may write tuna fish, pasta, onion, sweetcorn, basil, olive oil as separate nutrients that make up the dish.

Count the amount of separate nutrients you had throughout the entire day and check your score (see just below).  Don’t include duplicates – if you had sweetcorn in two meals i.e. lunch and dinner then this counts as one nutrient not two, count it only once.


If you scored 30 foods or more:

Excellent, this highlights that your diet is varied and you are getting enough nutrients to optimally maintain good health and fitness!

If you scored 20 – 30 foods:

This is adequate and will aid your health well, but you could do better!

If you scored less than 20 foods:

You need to increase the number of foods you are including in your daily meals to be sure of getting all the key nutrients.

So, how did you measure up? Do you need more variety?  Top job if you don’t!

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