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Lose Weight by Switching to Smaller Plates

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Lose weight by switching to smaller plates? You may have come across this basic advice before and thought it was a bit gimmicky, leading you to dismissing it without a second thought.

There’s lot’s of pointless and inconvenient methods around to try help people drop body fat, so it’s no surprise if you’re a bit skeptical with this one.

This post aims to be the second thought you once dismissed, it aims to be a reminder that the most simple things can sometimes be the most effective when it comes to making some relevant lifestyle changes.

If this is the first time that using smaller plates for weight loss has been brought to your attention then please listen up and take it seriously, because using smaller plates to eat from may just be the easiest and most convenient thing you can do to drop body fat and maintain your new healthy look.

Just because a plate has been designed and created to be a certain size doesn’t mean we should accept that this is how much we need to eat at each meal.  We don’t need to fill that plate right up – it is not meant to be a measure of how much you should eat or how much food you need at each meal.

What does the science say?

There has been a wealth of research highlighting the benefits towards weight loss and improved health when downsizing plate size.

A study published in the American Medical Association Journal discovered that when people used larger plates they eat more food than those who used smaller plates – in fact, the people with larger plates eat 50% more food.

The research also concluded that people match there serving and portion size dependent on the plate size and the space available.

It’s great that they found these results and proved using a smaller plate is beneficial to helping us lose weight, but it seems pretty obvious what would happen if you have a smaller plate rather than a larger plate, don’t you think?

A serving of food on an 8 – 10 inch plate looks pretty small on a plate 12 inches or greater, therefore we feel we need more to be satisfied.

It seems crazy that we need to trick our brain with our brain to be able to successfully consume less portions of food.

But that’s what we gotta do, we use smaller plates so that it appears we are getting more food and feel full and satisfied because we have tricked ourselves into feeling this way.

Lose weight easier with this trick

Even though it seems to be a trick, it can be better described as a strategy.  

A strategy to lose weight long term and achieve better health.

Before long we will be used to eating smaller portions and our chances of overeating can be dramatically reduced.

Go ahead and try using smaller plates to make and serve up your meals – guaranteed you’ll eat less and hopefully drop some unwanted body fat.

The plate above in the image is around 8 inches. Smaller than the UK average sized plate of around 10 – 12 inches.

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