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Healthy Takeaway Food – How to Make Takeaway Food Healthier

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could eat healthy takeaway food and not have to worry about how it will make us feel or the effects it will have on our body? Whilst this is not often likely, we can do our best to make takeaway food healthier.

Takeaway food isn’t likely to be high up on your list of food choices if you’re into fitness and taking good care of your health.  Despite this, from time to time you will be faced with a choice – should I or shouldn’t I join my friends or family and indulge?

One of the big problems with takeaway food is that someone else has prepared and made it for you so you have no idea what it is providing you in terms of energy and nutrition. It will no doubt contain excessive amounts of energy that can destroy all the hard work you may have put in with eating healthy and exercising.

To avoid this and to be able to enjoy the food and make Indian takeaway food healthier you can apply some really simple ideas to make the best out of your situation.

Replace Rice with a Bed of Leafy Greens

Indian food when purchased from a takeaway establishment commonly comes with more rice than you can ever need for one meal.  The starch in the rice provides a lot of energy but offers very little nutritional value.  You’re not likely to need all of this energy so don’t ask for rice just order the meat and sauce and pair it with your own leafy greens choice such as fresh spinach.

Check the table below to compare 100 grams of rice with 100 grams of spinach.  You can really see the benefit to making this food swap, 100 grams of spinach offers so much more nutritional value and a whole lot less energy at the same time:

Rice 100g 130 kcal 29 grams 0 % 2 % 0 % 10 %
Spinach 100g 23 kcal 4 grams 188 % 10 % 15 % 47 %

Reduce the Amount of Sauce you Add to your Meal

Make a bed of spinach on your plate when beginning to prepare your meal.

Take out the chicken pieces from the container with a spoon or fork rather than just pouring the whole lot onto your plate and place them onto the bed of spinach.  You don’t need to include all the sauce just because it has been provided to you.  The sauce is also high energy so it really pays to gain control and manage the amount of application to the meal.

It really is that simple, a largely unhealthy meal bursting with calories has been transformed into a healthier more nutritious meal, allowing you to join in with social gatherings or celebrate an occasion with your partner.  You can even apply these principles with a curry you make yourself from scratch.

Enjoy your healthier Indian takeaway.


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