Whole bunch of bright red Cherries with stems.

Cherries Health and Nutrition Benefits

Published by SteBacon on 10/07/2016

What are the health benefits of cherries? What are the nutrition benefits of Cherries? What are cherries good for? These are the questions we answer in this blog post about one of the tastiest and most enjoyable thin skinned fruits…

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Hand popping out the top of a paper shopping bag holding a bunch of herbs.

Healthy Shopping List for Weight Loss

Published by SteBacon on 23/02/2013

Knowing what a healthy shopping list looks likes can help you to achieve a lean, strong and healthy body much quicker than if you struggle to know what to put in your shopping basket. Which foods help to best burn…

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Green spinach leaves resting in a wooden bowl.

Healthy Diet Tips – 5 Easy Guidelines

Published by SteBacon on 08/01/2013

These healthy diet tips will assist you in maintaining a healthy diet, which goes hand in hand with good physical and mental health, better body composition i.e. low body fat and high lean muscle and exercise performance. Looking for…

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Three pieces of Pak Choi lied upon a wooden table.

Pak Choi – Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Benefits

Published by SteBacon on 31/08/2012

Pak Choi, also known as Bok Choy, Pecking Cabbage or Chinese Cabbage is a vegetable most associated with Chinese cuisine. It is highly nutritious and packed with health, fitness and fat loss enhancing nutrients.  These nutrients have been suggested to…

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85% Dark Chocolate pieces lying upon a wooden surface.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate (High-Cocoa Chocolate)

Published by SteBacon on 27/06/2012

The health benefits of dark chocolate are more abundant than you might realise. Although chocolate is not something we would associate with weight loss, fitness or health. This is partly the reason that despite most of us having a great…

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Man drinking a recovery shake after a workout.

5 Post Workout Nutrition Recovery Tips

Published by SteBacon on 12/05/2012

Post workout nutrition recovery is vitally important to fitness and health progression, but you probably already knew that.  It is spoken of time and time again by fitness professionals, people down the gym, our friends who like to research all…

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Tapas style food from china being eaten with chop sticks.

12 Top Tips when Dining Out

Published by SteBacon on 05/05/2012

Simply sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult enough for lots of people, but when we step away from the home it can become even more challenging with so much temptation all around us. Dining out in restaurants can…

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Flaxseed in a bowl alongside flaxseed oil in a jug.

Flaxseeds Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Benefits

Published by SteBacon on 15/02/2012

Flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, are considered to be one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. It has been around for thousands of years to add fibre, fats and protein to diets when these nutrients were unavailable…

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Wooden food stall containing leeks, cabbages, beetroots and rhubarb.

Nutrition Test: Do You Get Enough Nutrients Each Day?

Published by SteBacon on 17/11/2011

You require over 40 nutrients each day to ensure you remain fit and healthy.  The best way to get these nutrients is to eat a wide range of foods.  Variety in your diet is fundamental for optimal health, well-being…

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