Fitness Tips

Hikers walking down a mountain side under the blazing sun.

Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Published by SteBacon on 04/12/2011

Exercising outdoors provides lots of great benefits.  Heading into the great outdoors in some parts of the world, especially here in the UK, can be difficult – but a bit of rain never hurt anyone, right? Let’s consider some reasons…

Suspended body weight exercise straps hanging from a tree in the park.

Top 5 Benefits of Suspended Bodyweight Training

Published by SteBacon on 02/12/2011

Suspended body weight exercise offers a fresh method of fitness training. It can lead to exciting body composition and fitness results for people of all abilities. It allows us to implement our own body weight to enhance fat loss and…

Woman silhouette full of energy jumping in the air with a purple sky behind her.

5 Best ways to Quickly Boost Energy Levels

Published by SteBacon on 28/11/2011

Possessing low energy levels is arguably your biggest barrier to achieving health and fitness.  Without it we can pretty much forget about being motivated to get up and do anything productive. There are certain things you can do that can…

Table top holding a cup of tea, banana, orange, tape measure and a weight loss diary.

6 Top Tips to Boost Metabolism and Weight Loss

Published by SteBacon on 21/11/2011

Your metabolism represents the physical and chemical processes in the body that maintain life. These processes involve creating and consuming energy, breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to provide the energy needed by your body for maintenance and repair. Metabolic…

Boiled eggs and fresh avocado slices with black pepper.

9 Simple Eating Strategies to Lose Weight Fast

Published by SteBacon on 19/11/2011

Research has highlighted that losing just 5 to 10 percent of your excess body weight can make a massive difference in your health, including lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk for diabetes and heart disease. Great benefits, so where do…

Man wearing blue shirt holding juicy black grapes in his hands.

6 Ways Healthy Nutrition Improves your Workouts

Published by SteBacon on 18/11/2011

Whether we are training with dedicated passion or occasional enthusiasm, its hard work, right?  If we are training with a specific goal in sight or simply to keep in shape, it can be made much easier with consistently healthy nutrition…