Fitness Tips

Refreshing water being poured into a glass with ice cubes.

Benefits of Drinking More Water – 3 Good Reasons

Published by SteBacon on 14/07/2012

There are plenty of articles around the internet and other useful sources of information that reinforce the benefits of drinking more water. Most of us certainly don’t drink enough water despite being subjected to this healthy information on such…

Man holding painful knee with both hands.

Top 7 Reasons You Got Injured During Exercise

Published by SteBacon on 07/07/2012

There’s nothing worse than getting injured during a training program or exercise session, especially when much preparation and planning has gone into getting started and you feel you are doing really well and making quality health and fitness gains…

Sports water bottle containing recovery drink.

What are Electrolytes and do we Need to Replace them After Exercise?

Published by SteBacon on 03/06/2012

Athletes, coaches and sport scientists have had an understanding of electrolytes for decades.  They know what they are, what they do and why we need them.  However, a recent surge in the marketing of specially made sports drinks, waters, tablets…

Woman holding sore back muscles.

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

Published by SteBacon on 21/05/2012

You have likely experienced the evil of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) several times before.  It is the intense feeling of pain in certain used muscles around your body after a hard workout. It becomes most noticeable 2 – 3 days…

Man wearing blue sports top performing press ups outside on the grass.

Rapid Weight Loss Workout: The Outdoor Warrior

Published by SteBacon on 02/05/2012

A rapid weight loss workout for all you outdoor warriors.  Those of you that love nothing more than to head to your local park / green space to workout or often need to escape the four walls of the gym once…

Mountain bike resting upon a single tree.

How to Overcome Adversities During Exercise

Published by SteBacon on 22/04/2012

I just got back from a long ride out on the bike. It was one of those days and fitness sessions when you quickly realise things are not going to go your way. I’m sure you have experienced the…