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Faster Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas

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Eating strategies applied at breakfast time can have a big impact when it comes to achieving long term fat loss.

For many people, starting with a poor or unhealthy breakfast can ripple across the rest of the day, leading every food choice to be a poor or unhealthy one.

Conversely, if we start off positive we will be more inclined to continue in this fashion and choose nutritious and healthy foods at every meal.

When fat loss is the goal we want to be including lean protein at breakfast – cereal just does not cut it.

Protein for breakfast has been found to increase satiety and reduce hunger throughout the day.

It has a high thermogenic effect, which means it takes more energy to break it down in the body when compared to carbohydrate.

This can leave us feeling fuller and satisfied for longer, it provides steady blood sugar levels, and can help to boost fat loss.

Here are some fat loss breakfast ideas for you to try and enjoy each day:

  • Use eggs!  They are so versatile; you can do a lot with them.  The best idea and a personal favourite of mine would be to create an omelette.  Add vegetables (spinach, mixed peppers, broccoli), meats (lean ham, chicken), cheese (grated cheddar, feta – not too much though just a small palm) and spices (black pepper, cumin, etc).
  • Breakfast can be interesting and traditional too.  Try back bacon (remove the fat and grill), tinned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and scrambled/poached/boiled eggs.
  • Try cottage cheese, it’s very quick as it doesn’t need to be prepared so it is good for on the go or if you are in a rush.  You can make it more interesting by adding your favourite nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc) fruits (chopped banana, pineapple or blueberries go well) or even tuna fish (sound strange for breakfast?  Who makes the rules?  There isn’t any).
  • Create a smoothie with skimmed milk, natural yoghurt (don’t go for low fat because this means high sugar!), ground flaxseed, mixed berries (i like frozen as it adds to the texture making it cold and refreshing – fresh and tinned in juice are good too).  To boost the protein content a good quality whey protein can be added.

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