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Exploring the Mindset of an Elite Athlete: What Can We Learn?

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Elite athletes are amongst the fittest living beings on the planet.  They are finely tuned, exquisitely conditioned and mentally robust individuals who consistently achieve high standards of fitness.

We can admire them, we can want to look like them, and we may even try to act like them, but we can benefit most from thinking like them.

The mindset of an elite athlete is what sets them apart from everyone else.

Let’s remember that they are only human like the rest of us, they have busy lifestyles, families and temptations to battle with, but their fitness never suffers.

The way they think provides them with the ability to consistently enforce good habits that provide the most effective health and fitness results.

Lets explore the mindset of an elite athlete:

Fitness is a way of life:

Elite athletes do not see improving and maintaining their fitness as a job, chore or inconvenience – it is a way of life.  Working out and improving their physical attributes is a top priority in their life and is always at the forefront of the mind.  Without optimal levels of fitness they will not be able to succeed at what they do, this means that daily activities and appointments get arranged around their workouts and never the other way around.

Eating for fuel, not for fun:

Elite athletes choose foods based on those that provide the best forms of fuel to help their body move well, grow effectively and repair efficiently.  Everything they eat serves a purpose, junk food and processed items are understood to be the enemy and are avoided.  It’s not all doom and gloom though, certain treats are done but never over done.

Understanding rest is just as important as working out:

Elite athletes know that getting enough rest is just as important as working out.  They understand that we do not grow in the gym, we grow and repair outside of the gym.  They give their body’s enough time to repair stronger and improve further – avoiding burnout and unnecessary exhaustion.  They take days off and they get adequate sleep every night.

Blasting through plateaus and difficulties:

There are times when elite athletes can become demotivated or hit plateaus, just like the rest of us.  The difference is that they do not use it as an excuse to give up, there is no giving up – they always find a solution and battle through the hard times because they know it will be worth it.

Final thoughts:

Elite athletes are persistent, consistent, self motivated and focused.  They know what they want and they do their utmost to achieve it – it’s all in the mind…

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