“I want to help you liberate your life, strip away fear and self doubt, embrace change and dress yourself in health, happiness and success”

But first, let me introduce myself properly.

I’m Ste Bacon.

A rebellious, free spirited, passionate food and fitness writer, blogger, motivator and adventurer.

I am on a mission to help my tribe of frustrated men and women create a completely awesome and purposeful life filled with outrageous amounts of confidence, bundles of energy and exceptional health.

I am a self-confessed nutrition geek with a healthy obsession for fresh boiled eggs, somewhat unripe avocados, tender stem broccoli and green tea.

I live with my son Joshua (aka JoshDude) in Manchester, UK.

Ste Bacon and JoshDude


We spend much of our time climbing trees, walking in the hills and riding our bikes.

“I take life by the balls, and then squeeze, squeeze and squeeze some more until it let’s out a little whimper and submits to my endless curiosity and determination to be greater, wiser and stronger”

I believe in the importance of honesty (with ourselves and with others), self-expression (creativity and individualism), giving without expecting, equality, unbound living and colouring outside the lines.

What I believe in most is the pure power and karma acquired from helping other people.

I have been helped and inspired by several incredible people so far in my life.

This has taught me how important it is to take strength and empowerment from each other’s wisdom and experiences, and then pass that knowledge onto the next person.

“Food and Fitness is a fusion of brain tingling information, deep rooting motivation and warm embracing support”

Welcome to my sanctuary.

The food and fitness blog is where i share my experience, knowledge and ideas about improving our relationship with food, fitness and lifestyle design.

“Do you want to eat better, lose fat, get leaner, healthier and stay motivated? Food and Fitness gives you the tools and solutions needed to be successful.”

You’re no longer alone in your struggle for a better body and a happy, more fulfilling life.

This is a place where you can enjoy learning about health, fitness and nutrition.

You can access the information you need to cook a healthy meal, exercise productively and sleep easy.

“Imagine having enough knowledge and understanding to make the seemingly impossible much more achievable as you go about your daily life.”

Being aware of certain issues and none of the steps to fix them can be discouraging and extremely frustrating.

The information you will find here is designed to provide answers and solutions to help you progress your levels of health and fitness.

Health and fitness problems can be complex; the best approach is to break the problem down into smaller and more manageable parts to help make things simpler and easier to understand.

I designed and created the Food and Fitness blog to help you unravel the complex workings of health, fitness and nutrition by providing readable and easy to understand solutions that you can quickly digest and implement into your daily life.

You can expect to find delicious recipes, how-to guides, top tips, food analysis articles, lifestyle change tips, motivation and much more.


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“Our philosophy is firmly etched throughout the Food and Fitness Blog. We avoid a life of mediocrity in favour of one filled with achievement and happiness by improving health. There’s an understanding within the Food and Fitness community that we are capable of so much more – and we are right.”

The Food and Fitness Tribe live by the following philosophy and 10 core beliefs:


Thats right, we don’t diet. It seems to me that every few weeks theres a new diet, a new method or a new miracle food or supplement promising a quick fix solution to our problems. Almost all of these diets are profit driven fads designed for short-term success, but lead to long-term disappointment and often disaster.

Most of the fad diet rules don’t work and are not sustainable. Diets just don’t work! You can’t lose weight, build muscle, increase fitness and better your health without creating new habits. We create new enjoyable and interesting lifestyle techniques. We avoid shitty fad diet plans and routines that make our life a misery.


Recognising bad habits and clearing out this clutter helps us to focus on the important things and provides the perfect opportunity to begin to build something awesome. Determining bad habits and replacing them with good ones is one of the most powerful things you can do to create and maintain positive change. This should be approached sensibly and not attempted all in one go. Just like getting fit, losing weight and building muscle, it is achieved gradually and not over night.


By real food I mean food that is as close to its natural state as possible and has not undergone any processing or manufacturing. In most cases, the condition of our body is determined by the food we choose to eat.

Eating real food offers many significant benefits, including reduced bloating, increased energy, fat loss, healthy joints, strength and fitness, better skin and hair, better moods and increased confidence. You can learn more about this by reading my shopping list of real food choices for health and weight loss.


Time is precious; therefore exercise needs to be performed smartly.

If you hate running, do not attempt to lose weight or get fit by running on a treadmill or pounding the pavements every night. If you hate cycling, do not attempt to ride your bike every night. If you hate lifting weights, do not attempt to lift weights every night.

If you love walking, do that. If you love swimming, do that. If you love boxing, do that. If you love dancing, go and do that. You get the point. We do what we love and it doesn’t feel like punishment. You have to enjoy what you’re doing to be successful and increase your chances of it still being successful and consistent in the long term.


We learn how to prepare ourselves and create organisation each day. Leaving things to chance is a sure way of allowing yourself to get side-tracked or end up in a position where healthy choices are limited. Preparation is key. It creates confidence in your plan; it creates consistency, and it significantly increases your chance of being healthy and happy.

We learn a bunch of our favourite recipes, we prepare meals in advance for a couple of days, we plan shopping trips and know what we need to buy, we keep a clean workout kit in the car ready to be used every time. This may sound like a lot of effort, but once you become organised it really isn’t.


With the explosion of fast food, ready meals and pre-packaged foods it has become less important for people to learn how to cook. In modern times the fast and convenient lifestyle has taken precedence over healthful food choices. However it can be just as quick to make healthy and satisfyingly delicious food if we learn how.

Getting the best out of fresh, nutritious, single ingredient foods doesn’t mean you have to be a master chef, but gaining some independence in the kitchen is a powerful tool required to take health and fitness to a whole new level.


One of the most significant things that holds us back from fulfilling our potential is our comfort zone. We try not to stay there for too long and too often. How many times have you tried to change something (like your eating habits) but ended up back at square one after lasting just weeks (or days)?

The problem is, if we are lucky enough to have access to certain comforts we become addicted to them. It is deep rooted within our nature to move quickly towards pleasure (comfort) and away from pain (discomfort).

Avoiding pain and seeking comfort was vital to our ancestors survival instincts, and is thoroughly inbuilt into all of us. Despite this, comfort (pleasure) today is very different. We find physical ease in sugar, salt, technology, and sitting down a lot.

Increasing our self-awareness and gaining control of our mind and thoughts allows us to avoid becoming victims of our own desires for pleasure and comfort too often. It enables us to manage it and ensure we don’t become entrapped by our own imagination.


One of the greatest and most paralysing fears that we as human beings experience is that of change. Venturing into the unknown and performing something new is often a frightening and daunting process. Leaving behind what we know and what we have become accustomed to is extremely challenging.

We face, embrace and attempt to overcome fear to entice personal growth and development. When we challenge and overcome our fears with success we find that the feeling is one of exhilaration and freedom, only to be understood through the experience itself. We all deserve these experiences, are you ready to start claiming yours?


We work on building a solid relationship with ourselves to strengthen self-trust and self-belief. If we cannot trust in our own ability what hope do we have to improve ourselves? As the saying goes, whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.


We collect karma from helping one another, sharing our ideas and knowledge with our fellow tribe members, visitors and friends.


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