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5 Best ways to Quickly Boost Energy Levels

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Possessing low energy levels is arguably your biggest barrier to achieving health and fitness.  Without it we can pretty much forget about being motivated to get up and do anything productive.

There are certain things you can do that can boost your energy and turn every day into a successful one.

Not only can maintaining high energy levels help you to achieve health and fitness it can also boost your performance at work and your relationships at home – all round success, don’t you agree?

Here are five energy boosters you can try to implement each day:

Embrace the great outdoors:

This is easy to do and very effective.  It’s not healthy to be stuck inside all day, whether you are at home or busy at work.

Getting out in the sunshine provides us with much needed vitamin D to boost our energy levels and provide us with that feel good factor.

If you live in a part of the world with similar weather to me, you will not see much sunlight!  But this is fine, it’s still important to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

Exercising outdoors provides new scenery (better than four walls) and is relaxing for the mind, which reduces levels of stress.

So what if it’s raining?  We wouldn’t even exist without water!  Get outside and embrace nature – you won’t regret it.

Keep Hydrated:

Being dehydrated by as little as just 2% can cause you to suffer from fatigue.

Keeping hydrated keeps us focused and functioning to the best of our ability for the entire day.

The only time you should be dehydrated is when you wake up in the morning.  Check your urine; if it is dark in appearance you are dehydrated.  It should be clear in appearance like the colour of lemonade.

Get enough protein:

Eating protein at every meal helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable, it will prevent any sudden drops in your energy levels and keeps us feeling fuller and satisfied for longer.

Getting protein at breakfast is a good idea, a large carbohydrate breakfast alone would cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels followed by a rapid fall making you feel groggy and de-motivated for the rest of the day.

You have to take deep breaths:

Focusing on your breathing patterns can help to energize your body and mind. We need oxygen for energy so we need to make sure we get enough of it!

Remember this:  Underwater swimming should be the only time you hold your breath during exercise!  All elite athletes focus on their breathing technique to ensure they have enough energy to perform.

Sleep needs to be a priority:

Sleep is one of the most important factors in determining your energy levels.  Get too little and you will be wiped out, get too much and you will feel like you have got too little!  Aim for anything between 7-8 hours each night.

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