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43 Powerful Reasons to Lose Weight

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We all have our own reasons to lose weight, get fit and become more healthy. Here are 43 of the most common reasons people want to lose weight, how many of them can you relate to?

  1. Improved health and wellness.
  2. Improved cardiovascular system and function.
  3. Feel better physically.
  4. More energy.
  5. Improved self esteem.
  6. Happier when looking in the mirror.
  7. Comfortable and confident when talking to new people.
  8. Become less self critical.
  9. Feel less self conscious in public places.
  10. Become stronger.
  11. Move faster.
  12. Feel and be more assertive.
  13. Live longer.
  14. Stop getting out of breath easy.
  15. Sense of self achievement.
  16. Play sport.
  17. Play sport at a higher level.
  18. Prevent type 2 diabetes.
  19. Avoid heart disease.
  20. Stop cardiovascular disease.
  21. Avoid all overweight related illness.
  22. Prevent Injury.
  23. Potentially earn more money and get a better job.
  24. Improve others perception.
  25. Exercise without embarrassment.
  26. Live long enough to spend quality time with Grand-kids.
  27. Be well and strong enough to enjoy time with Grand-kids.
  28. Do more things (like taking the kids out to the park or swimming and bicycling, etc).
  29. Exercise without discomfort.
  30. Be happier and confident at restaurants and other social outings.
  31. Feel happy.
  32. Become attractive to others.
  33. Feel better
  34. Be pleased about body image.
  35. Have more sex.
  36. Enjoy sex more.
  37. Spend time with your kids.
  38. Buy clothes that fit.
  39. Buy more fashionable clothes.
  40. Receive more compliments.
  41. Conceive children.
  42. Set a good example to your children.
  43. Earn more respect from others (sad fact, but true in most cases).

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