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4 Reasons you may be Sabotaging your Fitness Progress in the Gym

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Gym time is almost always considered precious.  It is a time when we can escape the stresses of the day and make improvements to the way we look and feel, which helps to boost our confidence and happiness.

Unfortunately we can get complacent and may begin to sabotage our own efforts without even realising it.

Take a look at the following things that take place in the routines of many and decide whether you are sabotaging your own gym time and fitness progress by doing any of them:

Talking, texting, browsing your mobile phone:

Talking on the phone, texting on the phone or browsing social networks such as Twitter and Facebook between your sets is really going to hinder your progress and development.

If once you have completed your workout reps you find it necessary to get out your phone to pass the time until your next sets then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Depending on your program and goals you may require 30, 60 or 120 seconds rest between sets for example, getting out your phone can easily lead to 5 or more minutes of rest between sets – it’s just wasted time and spoils your efforts.

Your body is not put under enough stress to develop and your heart rate always returns back to normal – it will be like starting the exercise over and over again.

Do yourself a favour and leave your phone in your locker or firmly in your pocket if you are using it for music.

Spend the time between sets to psych yourself up and think about your technique on the next one.

Talking to your training partner too much:

Training with a friend has lots of advantages and is often a good idea for many.

Despite this, one stand out problem with having a training partner can be the amount of talking you do during a training session.

Obviously we have lots to talk about with our friends, whether it is discussing personal issues, making plans for the weekend, discussing the previous weekend or just discussing the day’s events.

Having so much to talk about is going to leave you stood around for long periods in the gym actually doing not much work at all – so what’s the point in even going to the gym?

If you want to make positive changes in your life and to your health and fitness then you need to make sure that you do not consider the gym a place you can socialise.

Get some work done, that’s what you pay your membership for!  You can talk as much as you like when you are finished.

Trying to lift more weight than you can manage:

If we are training with a partner then there is a good chance the other person may be just a little bit stronger than you are, and you may feel it is necessary to keep up with them.

This is down to your ego and whether you agree or not it is the truth.

There is nothing embarrassing or less masculine about being able to lift less than someone else.

You are guaranteed to look better and feel better by lifting a weight that you can handle and progressing with correct technique.  You won’t get into shape lifting a weight that is too heavy for fewer repetitions; chances are you will eventually cause yourself an injury due to technique being sacrificed.

Figure out what you need to lift and progress from there.

If it is such an inconvenience to swap the weight load around or to have your own set of free weights during a workout then perhaps you should consider going it alone or finding a more understanding training partner.

It doesn’t have to be like this though; it may just be a case of highlighting your needs to your training partner and developing an effective training procedure between you.

Heading into your workout without any direction:

Heading into a gym workout with no structure or set routine can often lead to de-motivation and a lower intensity workout being performed.

Aimlessly wondering around the gym randomly selecting exercises can increase your chance of throwing in the towel early and either heading home or making a bee-line straight for the comfort of the club spa, if you have one.

Without a set training plan it is all too easy to cut the session short, leaving yourself under-worked and having made minimal progress, if any at all.

The Jacuzzi and steam room will not get you into shape – earn your relaxation time in the spa.

A long and stressful day at work is not a good enough excuse if you are serious about improving your health and fitness.

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