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4 Safe Ways to Lose Body Fat Fast

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There’s no doubt everyone would like to lose unwanted body fat as quickly as it can be acquired.

Unfortunately, nature did not make it that simple for us.

The weight loss industry is huge and there are thousands of new dieting methods being created and implemented each month that offer rapid weight loss.

Most of them are dangerous, unrealistic and detrimental to our health, but for most it can be very tempting to take up the latest fad diet in search of fast or rapid weight loss.

It is never a good idea to crash diet.  It does not solve the long term problem of the lifestyle issues causing weight gain or the difficulty losing weight.

So forget the fads, forget the dangerous dieting methods and follow these simple common sense methods you can permanently implement into your lifestyle, helping you to drop the unwanted body fat and keep it off for good:

Go easy on the sports bars:

Sports bars such as high protein flapjacks, high protein bars, energy bars and energy gels are marketed very well and do provide weight management benefits.

Although to get these weight management benefits they need to be implemented into our diets carefully – sometimes we can see them as a healthy alternative to sweets and chocolate and over consume them – leading to increased body fat.

These products are convenient for providing energy for a workout, but they should not replace the need for a proper meal from natural food sources, so go easy on them.

Eat more fruit and vegetables:

You have probably heard this advice countless times, you may even be fed up with hearing it, but are you actually doing it?

Most people do not get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet even though they know they should be.

In the UK the recommendations are 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day as a minimum, but we would all actually benefit from nearing more towards nine pieces of fruit and vegetables.

These nine pieces would be best divided up into four pieces of fruit (unless diabetic) and five vegetables.

Variety counts too, so it is advisable to make sure these vegetables come from at least four different sources everyday – this will ensure you get the full range of vitamins and minerals important for optimal protection of our cells, immune systems and much more.

Drink less fruit juice:

Beverages such as orange juice, apple juice and pineapple juice are refreshing and offer a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Despite this, they need to be limited if we are trying to drop body fat.

Fruit juice fails to satisfy due to its lack of fibre and it is incredibly ‘moreish’ – meaning it can add a considerable amount of calories to your diet each day.

If you crave apple juice, eat an apple. If you crave orange juice, then eat an orange.

Doing this will count towards your fruit intake for the day and you will still get all the goodness of the fruit – including the fibre to help us feel more satisfied.

Reduce the alcohol intake:

You have probably heard this advice many times over also, but too many men and women do not take it seriously.

If you consume alcohol on a regular basis or you binge drink at the weekend, then you will not lose body fat and the risks to your health are serious.

Alcoholic beverages can contain lots of sugar and provide zero nutritional benefits in terms of nutrients – just lots and lots of energy, which is often referred to as empty calories.

Cutting out alcohol is not easy, but it is absolutely necessary to get your body into optimal condition.

Most of us can drop up to 5 kg in a single month by completely eradicating alcohol – sound good?

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