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Benefits of Drinking More Water – 3 Good Reasons

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There are plenty of articles around the internet and other useful sources of information that reinforce the benefits of drinking more water.

Most of us certainly don’t drink enough water despite being subjected to this healthy information on such a regular basis.

Perhaps water is boring, maybe we prefer fizzy sugary drinks or possibly just don’t have enough time to drink more water – it’s likely all three for many people.

Anyway, although we will follow suit and list several benefits to maintaining hydration at the end of this article, we firstly want to bring to your attention 3 very cool benefits of drinking more water during the day, but more specifically the times we should drink it to reap the most reward.

Try to drink water at the following particular times and see how you start to feel after 1 – 2 weeks of consistently doing so – our prediction is that you will feel pretty awesome, almost everybody does:

1. Drink 500 ml of water first thing in the morning:

Drinking this amount of water first thing in the morning helps to wake up and activate your internal organs, allowing them the opportunity to function closer to their full potential.

2. Drink 250-500 ml of water 20-30 minutes before you eat:

Drinking water at this times allows for better, more adequate and comfortable digestion.

3. Drink 500 ml of water before a hot shower or bath:

Drinking water at this time can help to lower blood pressure, ensuring you can better relax and unwind from the stressful events of your day.

The many health benefits of drinking more water:

These are useful timing strategies that anyone can try to apply each day, give it a go and see if you feel any health and fitness benefits for yourself.

As promised, here are a number of other significant benefits water provides our body:

  • Water is needed to break down and digest food, transportation of nutrients in the bloodstream and the elimination of waste products from the body.
  • Water keeps the skin hydrated and healthy in appearance.
  • Water is a vital component of muscles helping to keep them conditioned and firm.
  • Water is involved with all bodily fluids including blood and saliva, it aids with circulation.
  • Water keeps joints lubricated and supple.
  • Water assists in removing toxins from the body.
  • Water helps food to pass through the body effectively and prevents instances of constipation.
  • Water helps the body to maintain and regulate body temperature.
  • Water keeps the kidneys strong and healthy, allowing them to work effectively.
  • Water makes up a large portion of the brain and helps it to work to its full potential. Without it the brain can become fatigued, leading to headaches/migraines and a lack of concentration.

Are you getting enough water each day?  Time for a quick drink right now perhaps?

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