Whole bunch of bright red Cherries with stems.

Cherries Health and Nutrition Benefits

Published by SteBacon on 10/07/2016

What are the health benefits of cherries? What are the nutrition benefits of Cherries? What are cherries good for? These are the questions we answer in this blog post about one of the tastiest and most enjoyable thin skinned fruits…

Crispy baked kale chips with seasoning a green leaves.

Kale Chips Recipe – Crispy and Baked Goodness

Published by SteBacon on 12/10/2015

A Kale chips recipe? Kale chips? WTF are those? If you share those exact thoughts i did when i first heard about them then read on my friend, because you are in for one hell of a treat. I remember…

Under armour trainer with laces tied and blue leggings in the background.

4 Easy to Follow Fitness Tips

Published by SteBacon on 16/09/2013

Here are four easy to follow and awesome fitness tips to help you become healthier, stronger and fitter each day. They will ensure you can develop both physically and mentally and find that happier more confident place.   Eat more Thin…

Hand popping out the top of a paper shopping bag holding a bunch of herbs.

Healthy Shopping List for Weight Loss

Published by SteBacon on 23/02/2013

Knowing what a healthy shopping list looks likes can help you to achieve a lean, strong and healthy body much quicker than if you struggle to know what to put in your shopping basket. Which foods help to best burn…

Banana omelette topped with mixed berries including cherries, raspberries and blackberries.

Banana Omelette Recipe with Mixed Berries

Published by SteBacon on 03/02/2013

A banana omelette recipe with mixed berries may not sound so great to many people due to it’s unusual blend of ingredients, but it really is one of those healthy recipes you just have to give a chance. It…

Green spinach leaves resting in a wooden bowl.

Healthy Diet Tips – 5 Easy Guidelines

Published by SteBacon on 08/01/2013

These healthy diet tips will assist you in maintaining a healthy diet, which goes hand in hand with good physical and mental health, better body composition i.e. low body fat and high lean muscle and exercise performance. Looking for…

Woman streching in white sports top and grey hooded jacket with tight abs.

43 Powerful Reasons to Lose Weight

Published by SteBacon on 30/12/2012

We all have our own reasons to lose weight, get fit and become more healthy. Here are 43 of the most common reasons people want to lose weight, how many of them can you relate to? Improved health and wellness…

Man in fitness clothing stretching on a bridge preparing to run.

Best Time of Day to Exercise – When is it?

Published by SteBacon on 28/11/2012

Everybody has their own ideas and beliefs about when is the best time of day to exercise. Some people like to get up and get it done first thing in the morning and others prefer to exercise late in the…

Woman sat by the ocean watching a sunset holding the distant sun in her hands.

Reduce Stress! Make Time to Watch a Sunset.

Published by SteBacon on 19/10/2012

When was the last time you managed to reduce stress? When was the last time you removed yourself from your busy and stressful daily routine? When was the last time you wasn’t so busy you had some time to…

Man looking out towards the mountains wearing backpack and shorts.

Achieving Better Health – 7 Top Rules

Published by SteBacon on 25/09/2012

Achieving better health and fitness can be challenging for even the most dedicated of us, but when applied each day these top 7 rules for better health can help you to attain more of it, forever… Remove the word ‘should…

Peanut butter on wholegrain toast topped with strawberries and served on small plate.

Lose Weight by Switching to Smaller Plates

Published by SteBacon on 11/09/2012

Lose weight by switching to smaller plates? You may have come across this basic advice before and thought it was a bit gimmicky, leading you to dismissing it without a second thought. There’s lot’s of pointless and inconvenient…

Girl performing handstand on the beach next to the waves.

Lose Weight Fast – 5 Simple Steps

Published by SteBacon on 08/09/2012

Do you need to make a big change to the way you look and feel? If you are reading this then you likely want to lose weight fast and get fit quickly, it’s probably something you have been thinking…

Three pieces of Pak Choi lied upon a wooden table.

Pak Choi – Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Benefits

Published by SteBacon on 31/08/2012

Pak Choi, also known as Bok Choy, Pecking Cabbage or Chinese Cabbage is a vegetable most associated with Chinese cuisine. It is highly nutritious and packed with health, fitness and fat loss enhancing nutrients.  These nutrients have been suggested to…